George Hirsch’s Fresh Squeezed Mimosa

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Here's to celebrating summer! I created this recipe as an answer to beat the heat. Enjoy my refreshing cocktail with someone you care about and cheers to enjoying a fun filled summer.


As seen on episode title Being Served. George cooks-up a brunch fit for a king & queen with Fresh Squeezed Mimosa, Fried Egg Crab Salad, Johnny Cakes and Savory Lamb Sausage. George visits a historic inn, for inspiration, the art of hospitality, while preserving one of the Hampton's East End, LI treasured landmarks.

George Hirsch’s Fresh Squeezed Mimosa

Makes 2 drinks | George Hirsch Lifestyle TV Series

2 cups Prosecco  

1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice, or fresh peach juice

2 small scoops lemon sorbet 

2 sprigs fresh mint

In two champagne or margarita glasses, divide the orange juice and Prosecco. Place one scoop of sorbet in each glass. Top with mint. Serve immediately.

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Warm Up with My Mulled Cider

A Great night to warm up with my mulled cider!


My Mulled Cider Beverage will surely put you in the mood this Christmas season. Serve upon guests arrival—a warm beverage with seasonal spices is the perfect way to welcome holiday spirit. 


Hot Mulled Cider

Recipe By @GeorgeHirsch | Makes 8, eight ounce servings


2 quart apple cider 

1/4 cup brown sugar 

2-3 whole cloves; or more to garnish orange 

1 Jumbo size orange 

8 Cinnamon sticks 


Optional: 4 ounces each Dark Rum & Vodka


In a small sauce pot, mix together cider, brown sugar, and cinnamon sticks. Simmer 5 to 10 minutes. Pour into a large punch bowl and add a clove studded orange, rum and vodka. 

Serve warm with individual glasses or mugs and stir with a cinnamon stick. 

Note: To make a studded orange, arrange cloves around the outside of the orange skin for an attractive presentation. However, do not keep the studded orange in the mulled cider for too long or the cloves will overpower this beverage.

King of Cocktails

Champagne is recognized as the universal symbol of good news, and this cocktail's simple recipe shows that life doesn't have to be complicated to be enjoyed. A classic Champagne Cocktail may not be a trendy drink these days, but as a classic, it’s as good as when Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr sipped it in An Affair To Remember. 

A great Champagne stands on its own and should be sipped solo, whereas an inexpensive sparkling wine benefits from the bitters and the sugar cube keeps those bubbles hopping. 

Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe: Six ounces of Champagne or sparkling wine and a sugar cube soaked in Angostura bitters is all it takes to make a sophisticated cocktail for the New Year. Drop the sugar cube into a tall flute glass, and then slowly add champagne and a lemon twist. 

Tips: With the Champagne Cocktail, you can trust the bitters to take the edge off a lesser quality champagne or sparkling wine. For this drink, you can use a less expensive wine, spending about $10 to $18 for a good domestic bottle. Or, as I personally prefer to use a good Prosecco for under $15.

When opening Champagne or Prosecco, use a gentle twist - save the bubbles for the inside of the glass and not the floor.

Optional: If bitters in sparkling wine is not your cup of tea, a Prosecco Spritzer Cocktail could be the toast for you. To a glass of prosecco, omit bitters, sugar and lemon and replace with splash of limoncello and Cognac and go all Amalifi-like. Cin cin!