Creating A Palate: Art, Like Food

There are numerous necessary qualities in the makeup of a chef besides the skills and know-how, like the ability to tap into sources of inspiration to create, much the same as it is for an artist. Myself, I have drawn from inspiration for years sculpting in a variety of food mediums like salt, ice, and sugar. This came somewhat easy for me, very naturally in fact, thanks to my mother who was an artist. I have great respect for those who use their creative energy and this weekend I was delighted to celebrate with a longtime friend, Steve Haweeli at his solo gallery opening titled "Excavations". 

Prior to unearthing his "subterranean studio" + paint palate, Steve's long time profession is spreading the word of another palate - those who have good taste in dining. Steve Haweeli is President of Word Hampton Public Relations and is well known for repping top chefs and restaurants in New York and the Hamptons. But now, word is spreading like a hot new delicious dish that Steve is also a gifted artist. No shocker here. Those who know Steve see him as a deeply passionate creative being. 

Yes, art like food can be very subjective. There is not just one flavor for all. Staring at the painting entitled "3:58PM" another opening guest and I discussed it and each saw and felt something different. There is no wrong answer. What we seem to agree on is his work is very powerful + authentic. 

An avid fisherman, Steve framed his art opening in an old seaside gallery overlooking Fort Pond in Montauk. Much like another authentic artist hailing from The East End, watch out art world, Steve might just be our next Pollack. His artwork will be on display at the Outeast Gallery in Montauk, N.Y. until May 24th.

Steve Haweeli

images, Hirsch Media