Join Me This Sunday

"Food is the common denominator, the soul of life, the heart of the community" chef G. Hirsch  

George Hirsch Msgr Jim Telecare TV

What a cooking priest? Don’t let those vestments fool you, Msgr. could easily trade them in for a chefs coat, he knows his way around the kitchen! As I, he shares the belief that food is the common denominator and when breaking bread and we sit around the table there is bond of spiritual love like non other. 

George Hirsch on Telecare TV

This is why I am such a supporter of Telecare TV and their TV ministry. Like many other celebrity supporters, over the years I have enjoyed many good times with Msgr Jim on Real Food and Good News programs. I hope you join me this Sunday January 17th, 3PM EST when I share one of my most popular recipes and chat with Msgr Jim on all good things. Tune-in or watch live online. And, I ask that you offer any amount you can and gift to Telecare TV in honor of anyone who is special to you. 

Thank you and my warmest best wishes for a blessed 2016!