Major League Snack

MLB's opening night is Wednesday April 4th, and opening day is Thursday April 5th.

Today eating in ball parks goes way beyond the 20 billion hot dogs consumed in MLB ball parks. Fans have unanimously agreed that AT&T Park in San Francisco tops the list with the best offerings of stadium food. Who could refuse a Dungeness crab sandwich with homemade garlic fries tossed with fresh garlic? That does not mean that good BBQ ribs in Kansas City and sushi have replaced the old standby Cracker Jack. Although now sold in bags instead of boxes, they are still available in all 30 Major League parks, with Boston's Fenway Park tossing a thousand bags a game to munching fans. So what makes CJ's so special?

Cracker Jack is so much more than candy caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts. There is also that special little surprise in each box which still brings smiles to faces on kids of all ages. Did you know these one-of-a-kind prizes are sought after by collectors fetching north of 50k dollars? Hey that’s cool! - which by the way is the meaning behind the term ‘Cracker Jack’ in the 1890’s. I do think the name Cracker Jack is fitting, somehow ‘Cool Jack’ just doesn't have the same ring.

Watch this classic TV commercial from the 1960’s featuring Jack Gilford.