Mistakes do happen; OOPS Winery adopted its name for this very reason, only the results were actually magnificent. Opps is a Chilean winery with varietals from France and one of the oldest wineries in Chili. The Carmenère, considered the lost grape of Bordeaux is ideal with beef; pair with skirt steak, short ribs or chili. Oops, another bonus it's under $12.

There’s a good reason the Merlot of Chile doesn’t taste like other Merlot. Many are not entirely Merlot, but instead a blend of Merlot and a far more exotic grape: Carmenère, a.k.a., The “Lost Grape of Bordeaux.” Carmenère root stock had been transplanted from France over a century ago before the particularly nasty root louse threatened its very existence. Soon forgotten, the Carmenère grapes grew freely with Merlot grapes and were assumed to be Merlot until, suddenly in 1994, viticulturist Jean-Michel Boursiquit revealed the mistake. Oops!