Pick 5 Grilling Essentials

Are you ready for the weekend? There are many types of grillers — the weekenders, the year 'round grillers, and the serious barbecuers; yet the essentials are fit to grill for us all. Check out my five grilling essentials and get ready to Know Your Fire!

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1. Kenmore Deluxe Grip Long Plastic Handle Grill Cleaner: Good grip + stainless steel scraper.

2. 12-Piece Barbecue Set with Digital Fork Thermometer: The complete collection of all the basic tools + skewers.

3. BBQ Pro Charcoal Starter: Have your coals smoldering in minutes; holding 4 lbs. of briquettes.

4. Kenmore 4-Burner Gas Grill with Open Storage: Full size grill with side burner, area for prep + storage.

5. Stainless Steel 3-Piece Barbecue Set: Rust Resistant + 19 inch handles for safety.