Rock Solid Food

Today it is very common to hear chefs being compared to rock stars, but has it come full circle that rock stars will be compared to chefs? I hope so with Jon Bon Jovi's new restaurant. 

If making a reservation at this New Jersey community dining spot Soul Kitchen, you'll be surprised to find no prices on the menus. Each guest pays what they can afford, with a suggested donation of $10 per person; or if you are unable to pay, the guest can volunteer their time to work in exchange for the family meal. Check the Michelin star expectation at the door, (however, they should qualify for 5 good neighbor stars) as their mission is to serve nutritious dinners in a warm and welcoming setting where families can come and meet their neighbors. Embracing the sense of community through a good hot meal.

In addition to Jon being a legendary rock star he's earned the right to be compared to a celebrity chef with a mantra "Happy are the hands that feed". Good Stuff! 

207 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New Jersey
For Reservations: 732-291-7232

Soul Kitchen is a program of the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation.