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from George Hirsch's Garden "Calendulas" Edible Flowers

Calendulas have beautiful daisy-like flowers that are tasty in salads and teas. As a "pot marigold" they were used during Tudor times as a poor man's saffron in cooking.

Aztecs introduced marigolds to Spanish and Portuguese explorers. Once the seeds made it to Spain, they quickly spread throughout Europe and North Africa. In Europe the plants were called "Mary's gold," referring to the brightly colored flowers and the Virgin Mary. 

As you see they bring color to a vegetable and herb garden. Pick as edible flowers for salads, cakes, and teas. Marigolds and calendulas are easy to dry and store for later use. Spread the flowers on a screen to dry in a well-ventilated, shady location and store in glass jars. 

Hello June!