Wake Up To Anke

I'm always on the lookout for better made products, and I recently met energetic Anke, the "fittest" baker and founder of Anke's Fit Bakery. Her Cocoa Banana Granola made my Good Stuff pick!

As a fitness trainer and a fit baker she is a baker who is fit. She founded Anke’s Fit Bakery to bring her two passions, exercise and baking, together, and to offer clients and customers delicious food that tastes like the “real” thing, while providing energy based sweets while bringing a little fun back into fitness.

Growing up in Germany, Anke's grandmothers and mother would bake everything from scratch. She has created delicious treats, made from just a handful of natural ingredients that deliver on energy and taste. I enjoy Anke's Cranberry Almond Oat Cookies on afternoon coffee breaks (the truth is I can be satisfied with just one, but my good friends can consume the full 6 pack in one serving). I've recently tried her Cocoa Banana Granola which is sweetened only with organic Maple Syrup. It's the ideal breakfast treat after an early morning work out. It's a good feeling, knowing a bowl of Anke's Granola is waiting for me after my workout cool down. BTW, it is delicious on top of ice cream too!

Anke states, "...Read the labels! In many low-calorie snacks and desserts, most of the ingredients are processed. I believe strongly that the body just doesn’t know what to do with those manufactured components masquerading as food."