Yielding From Tuscany's Own

The McEvoy Ranch in California is evidence of dreams into action. The 500+ acres of farmland, once with fields of cows for dairy is now filled with award winning Tuscan olive varietals, yielding fruits + oils. So talk about choices - would you rather grow an olive tree, create your own orchard, get some olives or some olive oil? Yes, you can have any or all of the above from The McEvoy's Ranch. And they will teach you how to raise your tree.

The McEvoy's were artisans of food before it became cool, with all the buzz words like sustainable, organic, wind powered, bee friendly farmer... and the list goes on. The McEvoy Ranch is an incredible example of ideal co-creators with mother earth. BTW, their Tuscan Table Olives live up! to their reputation.

The McEvoy Ranch in California