keeping peace with Irish Coffee

I had an enjoyable afternoon tea with fellow Create TV host and Ireland’s TV chef, cookbook author Rachael Allen of Ballymaloe. Rachel and I exchanged our foodie stories and the like beginnings in our culinary careers. She shared with me her simplistic approach to food. I can't agree more. We agree that most are learning from this approach; getting back to the roots of growing and eating locally grown foods. The thing is, this in nothing new in Ireland, in fact they never lost their connection to sustainability. 

Rachel George Tea .png

Chefs Rachael Allen and George Hirsch, Adair Manor, Adair Co. Limerick, Ireland However, one topic of discussion is as serious as rugby or politics. I asked just about every person I meet in Ireland which brand of tea they preferred better, Lyons or Barry's. Barry's seemed to hold the lead during our filming. But then upon departure at Irish Customs I was told I was bringing home the wrong brand. They preferred Lyons. I can't be swayed, Barry's fan here.

So in keeping peace let’s drink Irish Coffee, a warming beverage on a chilly evening. Served first to arriving passengers in County Limerick, what is now Shannon International Airport. Ideal served with a slice of Chocolate Torta from George Hirsch Lifestyle. Sláinte! 


Irish Coffee

Makes one serving | from George Hirsch Lifestyle

1 ounce Jameson Irish Whiskey

1/2 ounce Baileys Irish Cream

1/2 cup hot strong coffee

Lemon wedge

Sugar to coat glass

Whipped cream

Prepare a sugar-rimmed glass by rubbing a piece of lemon or orange around the rim of a large wine glass. Dip 1/4 inch of the rim of the glass into a plate of sugar, coating the edge.

Place a teaspoon in glass. The spoon will diffuse the heat when hot coffee is poured into the glass. 

Add whiskey and Baileys. Pour coffee into glass over spoon. Remove spoon. Top with a dollop of whipped cream.

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time with Msgr. Jim Vlaun

A couple of times a year you have watched my appearances on Telecare’s Real Food, Good News and annual telethon TV programs. During my on-air visits I often share recipes and current events in my life along with the good things my friends are doing in the community. Recently, Real Food came to visit me to tape an episode in the George Hirsch Lifestyle home studio kitchen (airing this fall). As usual, during the open of the show Monsignor James Vlaun makes my introduction; afterwards I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my long time friend and amazing man Father Jim Vlaun.  

Telecare's Real Food TV host Msgr Jim Vlaun & George Hirsch in George Hirsch Lifestyle Kitchen | image Alex Goetzfried 

Msgr. Jim is the President and CEO of Telecare Television, the Catholic Television station of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, which broadcasts on TV and Online to millions of homes 24/7. Msgr has hosted many TV programs with top sports figures, other national prominent TV hosts, along with other venerated priests, rabbis, religious and lay leaders and most importantly the people in the community who make a difference in everyday life.   

Msgr. Jim has hosted Religion and Rock radio for 26 years! If you are a rock star you probably already know Msgr. He has hosted everyone from Billy Joel, The Stones to Jimmy Buffet. His radio program is nationally syndicated and airs every Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on WBAB-FM 102.3 or 95.3 on the East End. And Saturday evenings at 11pm on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 159 and XM Satellite Radio channel 117.  

In addition to his work on Television and Radio, Msgr. Jim serves as the Catholic Chaplain for the New York Jets. His ability to attract sports figures who are leaders in the community is nothing less than astonishing. In addition to NFL stars, during Telecare’s Annual Telethon you will see the studio filled with top sports legends from baseball to hockey. Be careful when walking by that guy with the hockey stick, it’s been autographed by every player on the team!  

He has authored three books, one titled Life, Love, and Laughter: The Spirituality of the Consciousness Examen. An easy read, and necessary for one’s walk in life. Msgr. integrates personal stories, situations, and his own struggles making this a touching inspiring work from the heart. And what would the host of cooking TV series be without a cookbook? It took me two seconds to say yes when Msgr. Jim ask me to write his foreward for: 

Feasts of Life: Recipes from Nana’s Wooden Spoon

By Jim Vlaun & George Hirsch (Foreward By)

A collection of recipes from members of Father Jim's extended family that is as unique as the story each dish has to tell. Discover how this is not so much a book for those who want to be good cooks as it is a resource for those who want to dance with God and loved ones around the table of plenty.  

Proceeds from Msgr. Jim’s books go to the Life, Love and Laughter Foundation.

dishes by Chef George Hirsch for Real Food | image by Alex Goetzfried

What a cooking priest? Don’t let those vestments fool you, Msgr. could easily trade them in for a chefs coat, he knows his way around the kitchen! As I, he shares the belief that food is the common denominator and when breaking bread and we sit around the table there is bond of spiritual love like non other. Stay tuned this fall for the new season of Real Food; then sit back and enjoy our time in the GHL kitchen!

good times on set Msgr Jim, George Hirsch | image Alex Goetzfried