Hampton Baking Co.

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When I learned my craft, :) it was instilled by my chef mentors and my Nana - that only the finest ingredients should be used when baking.

Think tender and naturally sweet! I am proud to offer what I bake for my family, friends - NOW making it available to YOU TOO!.

And, in keeping with my decades of philanthropic work, every purchase will benefit a community cause near and dear to me that will benefit those needing a hand up.

I hope that when you are purchasing gifts this season you think of the Hampton Baking Co. LIMITED EDITION Holiday Biscotti Gift Box assortment as that a very special gift!

My Pastry Team & I thank you, and may you have a blessed holiday! 

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George’s Homemade kitchen Christmas Pick 5

inspirations are opportunities to try something new...

Taste-fully giving gifts and warming recipes for entertaining this holiday!

Enjoy my Bologna Inspired  Tortellini Basil Soup with warm Biscuits and a crisp Fennel & Green Bean Salad.

Holiday on the Cutting Edge

Need a gift inspiration this holiday?

I’ve used Mercer’s knives for almost thirty years; they were the knives I choose for my culinary students back then because they deserved the best. This is quality that lasts a lifetime and I am proud to have Mercer Cutlery partner with me for my cooking and lifestyle series on public television. You may even say I am living on the cutting edge!  

Once you have a good knife, sharpen your knife skills by chopping veggies for my warm and comforting Tuscan Artichoke Soup.  

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