Typical Pub Lunch

There is so much more to celebrating St. Pat's Day than Corn Beef & Cabbage or Colcannon at a Typical Pub Lunch. Watch the TV Segment: and see why I keep returning to Ireland time after time, it's the people, places and stories. 

Here I am pulling a pint, which takes patience... about 3 minutes. Mike, the 3rd generation owner of the Collin's Pub in Adare, shows me the ropes.

Pulling a Pint in Adare at Colllin's.

Travel TV Segment: Adare, Ireland Pub Lunch


With the arrival of warmer weather it's timely for a refreshing ale to pair with that freshly grilled piece of locally caught fish. Here's my pick; Southampton Double White, my locally brewed boutique Belgian-style white ale. Frankly - any pick from Southampton Publick House gets my thumbs-up. You just have to try it. Have a look at the Living it UP! TV segment with Southampton's Brewmaster Phil Markowski.

Southampton Publick House

One of the most award-winning breweries in America— ranked in the top 20 for GABF medals won by a brewery in the last 10 years.

Living it UP! TV Segment

Award Winning Craft Brewery

You may have heard me mention my favorite brewery SPH, and I've even featured them on my TV show. Good people and more good news. Kudos to my hometown friends; Don Sullivan owner of Southampton Public House, SPH and Phil Markowski, SPH Brewmaster for bringing home yet another gold medal. This team has dedication and passion for the craft, that's a winning combination.

Southampton Publick House Ales & Lagers received the gold medal at the 28th annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver Colorado competing against 495 breweries from 48 states. This year’s GABF hosted 49,000 guests and was recorded as a Guinness World Record for the most beers tapped in one location with1900 different brews.

Southampton Public House Berlinerweisse took gold in the German-Style Sour Ale Category, one of the 78 categories of ales and lagers. Berlinerweisse is a cloudy, sour, wheat beer of around 3% alcohol by volume. Historically, it was a regional beer from Northern Germany, mainly Berlin, dating back to the 16th century. Southampton Berlinerweisse, released in alternate years, is brewed in very small batches due to a 6-month fermentation period. 

I’ve sampled brews all over the world, purely for educational and research purposes, of course. Honestly- I use Phil’s SPH Brews as the benchmark for a good brew.

If you want to attend next year’s Great American Beer Festival mark your calendars as tickets go on sale June 2010 for the September 16, 17, and 18 2010 GABF, always sold out event.

For more information on Southampton Public House, Southampton, NY.

Know Your Wings

So why does a classically trained chef appreciate chicken wings so much? Frankly sometimes the simplest prepared foods can be the most delicious, and even the most popular. Today it's serious business; books, TV shows and restaurant chains exist with wings at the center of the plate. BTW, my favorite spots for wings are at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton, N.Y. and Southampton Publick House in Southampton, N.Y.

So what makes a great wing? First, start with fresh chicken. Once frozen, it toughens the meat. But honestly it’s all in the finish- the magic is in the sauce. Don’t think you’ll pass along that bad hot sauce in a bottle and tell me you have good wings! It's a combination of a few flavors; a little heat, tomato, garlic, a bit sweet, but have the bite of vinegar and a touch of fruit. Wings don’t have to be fried. Lesson the fats by oven roasting or better yet fire up the grill. Oh, and adding a pint of IPA doesn’t hurt! Southampton Publick House's IPA is my personal favorite. So what about you- how do you enjoy your wings?