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George Hirsch Lifestyle TV Series 4 Disk HD-DVD Set

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The 4 Disk HD DVD set contains the Entire 13 part TV Series with all of George’s kitchen dishes including such viewer favorites: Cheddar Jack-n-Mac, Double Chocolate Brownies, Oven Fried Garlic Chicken, Apple Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, White Bean Casserole, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Eggplant & Squash Gratin, Nana’s Meatballs, Aunt Connie’s Biscotti, Tarte Tatin among many others.

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Monks in a Jam

One of my favorite TV segments of all time was created on my trip to Spencer, Massachusetts; visiting Father Robert at St. Joseph's Abbey, seeing how Trappist Preserves are made and how it came to be. It was one of the most inspirational experiences to witness the dedication and commitment to a lifestyle that gives so many people pleasure. In fact, the Trappist Monks create a bit of happiness in every serving. I mean- who doesn't smile after having jam on toast? Better yet, really good jam! 

George Hirsch TV Segment: Trappist Preserves

Moules Marinières

Summer is in full swing. That and coastal living makes me say “hello seafood.” My rule with cooking seafood is the simpler, the better; as well as believing in keeping it as local as possible. So when traveling to locations known for seafood, I take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy eating fresh and local. Recently, I had Bantry’s mussels & oysters in Ireland - yes, they live up to their reputation. You may be able to find Bantry mussels in your grocer’s freezer along with New Zealand; but to me it's not my preference compared to eating local. Some other leading mussel cultivars are Spain, and of course North America's Prince Edward Island in Canada. 

The classical way I learned to cook mussels years ago is called Moules Marinières, or mussels in the style of the sea, synonymous with summers in France. I have prepared versions of this style on air with my TV shows. This happens to be a crowd favorite every time with my TV crew. They are amazed at how simple it is to prepare. See for yourself, TV segment here. The only way to improve this recipe is add some crisp Pommes Frites. I would also approval of a creamy Belgium beer to wash it all down with. 

Here’s a good tip: The jewel in eating mussels is to get the right balance of the mussel meat with the fantastic broth juices that come from cooking the mussels with wine, garlic and herbs. No utensils needed, use the mussel's shell as your spoon. Pick up the freshly steamed mussel in the opened hinged ‘valve’ (the shell). Break the valve in-half, discard one half of the shell. With the second half valve (shell) that now has the mussel meat, dip the half-shell and mussel meat into the warm broth scooping up just the right amount of juice to meat. Now, politely slurp the mussel along with the broth in the same mouthful. Mouth watering. Heaven! Sometimes I see others do a dip using a fork, but they are missing the gold, the broth!

Try this next time you prepare mussels, instead of using a fork and dipping into the broth that will just slide off your mussel meat. What to do with empty shells? I have observed other connoisseurs of mussel eating that includes arranging the eaten empty half valves into unique patterns on plates. 

Simple and ready in minutes. But do yourself a favor, have plenty of good bread on hand to dip and soak up any leftover broth. Summer - here we come!

Video Recipe.

George Hirsch Cooking & Lifestyle TV Segment: Mussels Recipe

Gameday My Way

If you are a one pot meal Gameday-er, you must try my Crock of Beer Chili.This basic chili recipe combines several flavors of the Southwest.  Turkey and pork can be substituted for beef. Make it vegetarian by using eggplant, squash, and extra onion in place of the meat.

If you are serious about plating-up a well rounded grill spread with try my Pork BBQ SandwichWhite Bean Casserole Soup + Cheddar & Jack Mac.

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Sagaponack Winery

Close to my home and located right in the heart of farm country at the Hampton's East End - which was once mostly miles of potato fields, now inhabits more than fifty acres of grapevines at Wölffer Estate Vineyard. The loamy soil coupled with the Atlantic Ocean air were ideal conditions for the grapevines, planted some twenty-five years ago. 

In keeping with European traditions, including the dedication to winemaking; Wölffer's stately Tuscan style villa was built in Old World traditions overlooking the acres of vines.

Come with me as we meet up with my friends; wine writer & enthusiast Michael Braverman, and Wölffer Estate Winemaker Roman Roth for a fun and informative segment from my TV show, George Hirsch Living it UP!

It's going to be another great summer in the Hamptons! Cheers..

George Hirsch Living it up! TV segment: Wölffer Estate Vineyard