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I toured friends Rob Petrone, host of Restaurant Hunter TV series and on-air contributor Amanda Prince for an East End visit once again this year. However, this year I added some action..Reel Action! 

George Hirsch Oaklands Marina

We chatted up George Hirsch Lifestyle and how the land & water makes the East End such a beautiful place. So where do I bring these TV hosts whose day job is to visit restaurants, chefs and celebrities? Out to sea of course. But..first I schedule a meet up for breakfast in the Hamptons. Or better said the “un” Hamptons. We meet at Orlando’s Cafe, a Costa Rican spot in Hampton Bays to spice up the morning and enjoy a taste of Mexican, Thai, French and Chinese cuisines at the locals in-spot. 

Click on above dish to Watch Video + Enjoy Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 1

Click on above dish to Watch Video + Enjoy Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 1

Next, we head due south water-side to Oakland’s Marina + Restaurant and meet up with my friend, journalist + chef Alex Goetzfried. Oaklands is ideal for it’s access to both the bay and ocean fishing for our three hour.. Watch segment 2:

Click to Watch Video Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 2

Click to Watch Video Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 2

After our time at sea fishing it's dockside at Oakland's Restaurant to enjoy the fresh catch. How does Rob, Amanda + yours truly like the fish prepared?  Watch Seafood & Sunsets Segment 3:

Click above Watch Video + Enjoy Great Seafood in Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 3

Click above Watch Video + Enjoy Great Seafood in Restaurant Hunter TV Segment 3

Just another day with George Hirsch Lifestyle..cheers for stopping by Rob, Amanda and Restaurant Hunter Crew! 

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Ecosystem Engineers aka Oyster

Time to vote for Edible East End Fall cover:

Why I voted Oysters #4 as Fall Cover? 

Time to Vote for Edible East End Fall Cover

Why Vote?

Historically in the 19th century oysters aka “ecosystem engineers” were abundant and the food of working class people, with NY Harbor the worlds supplier of millions of bivalves in the harbor on any given day. Then they disappered; oysters in LI waters took a dive in 1992 due to MSX. Ecologically, they keep our shores clean by filtering phytoplankton. And the socioeconomic significance, a mainstay to the positive impact of the L.I. fishing industry—bagging upwards of 118K bushels until ’92. As passionate as fans are of their hometown NFL team, for culinary fans, oysters are an endless slurp of pleasure as they cheer on their local briney delicacy. Plus, where would chefs be without oysters on the menu? I cannot imagine what Antoine's of New Orleans the creator of Oysters Rockefeller would have done without serving four million oysters since they began serving this dish in 1899 as a substitute for the lack of snails..I guess snails is another cover? 

Even if you pass when the oysters are served you can see the importance they play in our daily life. I am delighted Edbible East End has considered a homage to the importance of this mollusk!

VOTE HERE: Edible East End

Oh My Schweinhaxe

In honor of OKTOBERFEST this Saturday. Time to take out your lederhosen. Do you have an UMPaAh band and stein near you? Prost!

No, that's not a song. It's German culinary delight, aka pork ham hock. Just how did I find the best place to get it in Germany? My best kept secret (well not really, but close) came from a lovely member of an American Airline flight crew. This may have been one of my best inflight location tips yet. 

So here's where to go. For a little Weinerschnitz or Schweinhaxe go straight to Gaststätte Baseler Eck (the corner) on Baseler Platz 7, Frankfurt. It is well worth the detour or ideal if you have a long layover at the airport. It's approximately 20 minutes by tram from airport.

Baseler Eck is a family place that fills up every night. You are guaranteed a great meal and a good time. Whenever I’ve brought anyone there, they wanted to return the next night. I admit to being the American who returns for consecutive dining, happily. So repeat business must be their marketing campaign, because they don't have a website. The food is traditional home cooked German fare. You may have to wait for a table, but it’s fine; wait at the bar and enjoy a perfect Pils. By the way, as with much of Germany, one of the owners does speak English.

Gaststätte Baseler Eck‎
Baseler Platz 7
60329 Gutleutviertel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
069 252439

images: Schweinhaxe, Baseler Eck

Rome Italy: Cup of Espresso

A good espresso, or should I say, a great espresso is hard to come by stateside. It's a long way to travel for a cup of espresso or cappuccino, but worth the trip. I suggest you stay for a few days and really enjoy it!

A good cup of espresso should be enjoyed this way; stop and sip from a proper cup. Meaning, the cup is not made of paper, styrofoam or other disposable materials. Then participate in certain social etiquette. Don't drink it in a car or while walking on-the-go. Take a few minutes, sit or stand at the counter at the coffee bar. BTW, in Italy the price of an espresso and cappuccino is fixed no matter where you go- imagine that. You'll save a Euro or so for standing at the counter, but I enjoy to sit and take-in centuries old customs. 

I've decided it's all the circumstances combined that make that cup taste so good; the list is long, so let's just say Romans know how to make a great cup. Everyday, when in Rome, I stop at Gargani's for double espresso and a sfogiatelle, my favorite Italian pastry and savored every moment. Can't wait to return. Tip: The cafe goes from empty to packed in minutes, so don't hesitate, just sit. Then just enjoy the food frenzy; waiters rushing, tables turning and piles of small plates. Anyway, here's where to go- when in Rome: 
R Gargani
Via Lombardia, 15
00187 Roma (Lazio), Italy

images: George Hirsch

The Bread Crumb

Meeting Manuela Goeb at her Bakery and Pastry Shop in Kenmare was one of the highlights filming for my TV series in Ireland. The food she produces is with a living well approach, using only all natural ingredients and made in the same authentic German bakery traditions she was raised with in Franconia. Keep in mind, the finest Kerry Butter is one of the key ingredients in her baked goods.

We had so much in common; with my early days as a chef being trained by some of the finest German bakers. Manuela knows her dough. I look forward to seeing Manuela again and enjoying her delicious sour dough bread. If traveling to Ireland and you make your way to Kenmare, be sure to tell Manuela hello for me.

The Bread Crumb, New Road
O'Shea's House
Co. Kerry Ireland

images, Hirsch Media