George Hirsch Good Stuff Holiday


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Baker Who Is Fit

Anke, a fitness trainer, makes freshly baked energy based sweets like Cranberry Oat Cookies and my favorite- Cocoa Banana Granola. Simply the best find!

Comfort Candy

Continue family traditions or make new ones, like enjoying nostalgia in the form of holiday peppermint ribbon candy the way it was made in 1800s.

Spot Light

Pardon me but do you have a light? Always appreciate a good reliable source of wattage when you really need it.

Look No Further

Do you have a family member who is constantly looking for their keys? Then this is the gift that will be the answer to their prayers—the key locator device.

The Bee’s Knees

Question: Do you know the amount of work a worker-bee must do to create 1 pound of wax? Answer: How about, eating 10 pounds of honey! Now this is a gift for kings and queens.

American Icon

The original little red wagon, basically made the same way it was made 95 years ago. Make memories that last as long as the wagon will.

Lady Marmalade

Grand-mère’s early 1900s French recipe, made with sweetness from grapes, not sugar.


Please wipe your feet off at the door, it’s keeps the floors cleaner, and using good manners.

Safety First 

Never more will you have to ask, “Did I unplug the iron?”

Toni’s Bread 

The original panettone was made by a baker named Ton,i as a gesture to consecrate his daughter’s marriage to a nobleman in medieval Italy.

Man’s Best Friend

Make that dog run like a dog... with the ultimate dog game of throw the ball, with the distance of a major leaguer.

Rechargeable Sound 

Looks like a beauty, sounds like a beast.Enjoy 8 hours of tunes from your ipod poolside or at the tailgate.