George Hirsch Good Stuff

George Hirsch Good Stuff


All natural, serious ketchup. Sir Kensington promises a proper gourmet condiment experience.

Latte Bowls

Classic European shape; ideal size for Café au lait, icecream or oatmeal.


Original style canning jars, ideal for sun-made iced tea or BBQ sauce. Made in Germany.

Di Bruno Bros.

Balsamic Vinegar - no two vinegars are created alike. The Di Bruno's Italian heritage is barrel aged for twelve years and then drizzled to accompany culinary delight.


Not the ordinary all natural chewing gum. This happens to be English proper as well as minty good. "Etiquette experts say that chewing in public is acceptable behavior, as long as it’s not done with too much gusto." Made in England.

Pecou Almond Dragees

Sugar coated almonds made for celebrating all the way from France.

Pugg Clock

Wasn’t sure They still made analog clocks. Old school, classic quartz movement. Good in every kitchen.

WWII Poster

Reproduction with words of wisdom ‘bout food. Still a timeless message.

Soda Siphon

Carbonated water + spritzer maker, yet stylishly safe technology. Made in Austria.

Vintage Metal Letter

Repurpose decorative letters from old retail signs. Give me a G.

Gold Bunny

This is regarded as the most sought after chocolate bunny at Easter. Fifty years of tradition. Milk, white or dark chocolate.