George Hirsch Good Stuff

Black Iron Scissors

Ideal for clipping herbs or flower stems. These beautiful handmade traditional Japanese shears are precise enough for your bonsai.

VillaWare Pasta Machine

Hand made with a little help from the V150 Imperia. Linguini, ravioli, lasagna, no problem. This is serious, not meant for play dough.

Kodak  Dual-Lens EASYSHARE V610 Camera

The World's Smallest 10X Optical Zoom Digital Camera; Innovative Dual-Lens EASYSHARE V610 Camera is only 0.9 Inches Thick! Takes incredible photos.

Staple Free Stapler

Look Ma no staples. NO refills needed. This cleaver contraption pierces and folds your important papers into a organized but fastened headlock.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box 

This take-me-back-in-time stackable lunch box is perfect for a picnic or day trip in the car. The three separate trays are held securely together for individual portions and it is easy to clean.

Italian Biscotti 

The most dunkable duo-package of Biscotti. No need to choose, with the combo of pistachio & chocolate.

People Push Pins

Great gift for the person who has everything. Looks like they are doing jumping jacks. They will perk up any office.

Colorful Trays

Lacquered serving tray. Perfect for serving iced tea or used as a coffee table catch all.

Glass Refrigerator Pitchers

Like the Glass, has the advantage of not absorbing odors  and keep beverages cooler longer. Grip handles and the smaller version will fit perfectly on the refrigerator door.

64” Umbrella

This super sized yellow canopy will cover you in the midst of a down pour. You will be also easy to spot, if your wife is looking for you.

Hunter Wellington

The classic knee high boot made for stomping in big puddles that also happen to be great for gardening and wading for the school bus.

Maple-Cured Berkshire Ham

Pasture raised by Heritage Farms, this melt in your mouth ham is cured in maple syrup and lovely brown sugar. Simply scrumptious.