George Hirsch Good Stuff

The Single Bike Hook

Think minimal. No more clunky oversized contraptions. This is all you need. The Leonardo. 

The Paper Straw

Made the way they used to, eco-friendly.


The most basic. That’s really all you need to open any bottle. The Groogy.

Trash Bin 

Let’s talk trash, classic style. This can has an 11 gallon capacity, which fits a 13 gallon bag- no slipping. Kids can do their chores efficiently. The Knodd Bin & Lid.

Get Hooked 

Sleek and well designed muti-purpose hook. Looks European. No more hunchback-bump; product designed with ergonomic shaping sensitive to most fabrics’ persona. The Bach.


No guilt with truly all-natural sorbet.

Taste Test Winner?

Ketchup is a serious topic. You be the judge.

Pair Cheese

Looking for the perfect marriage? How about a summer cheese that pairs well with lemonade, lagers and white wine. Available by the crate; 6”x6”. Made in Vermont.

Original Soda

Kick the carting of cases by making sparkling water at home. It takes seconds. The Penguin. 

Keeping it on the Level

Stop eye-balling-it and saying your good-at-it. Essential tool if you are hanging solo.

Charcoal For Men

Lit by a woman. This is the real deal. No coal, fillers or chemicals. For a quicker and hotter fire compared to briquets.

Cup of Home

Want to have your own cup? You can go private label; Tom’s Coffee, Mom’s Blend or Bob’s Brew.