George Hirsch Good Stuff


George Hirsch Good Stuff


Syrup from pine cones. Italian Dolomite forest pine cones. Decadence, meant to drizzle over yogurt, gelato or panna cotta. Delish.

Marais Side Chair

A seating icon that remains the same way it was made 75 years ago in France. Stackable, sturdy, grade A steel.

Long Live The Bucket

This 1 1/4 QT. galvanized bucket is made to last through many years of chores, with enthusiasm. Fill it with suds, and use elbow grease. For squeaky clean results, rinse, and repeat.


Ice cream season is now approaching. Homemade is still popular when it comes to peach flavor or pistachio. No need to crank for your cone, the wood barrel ice cream maker has now gone electric.

Get Hooked

Plain, simple hooks are hard to find. These are made specifically for horse stables for tack equipment. Great staple beyond the stable.

Mortar & Pestle

Inspiration to grind spices and herbs in the ancient, but still an in-fashion way to extract flavors.

Serving Suggestions

Colorful spin on ordinary serving utensils for Superior Servers. Stainless steel handles dipped in polymer, for good grip.

Olive Oil

“You had me at that bottle”. But, let’s mention the contents inside this beautiful Puglian pottery jardinare is  the finest extra virgin olive oil from Antico Frantoio Muragia.

Vintage Style Bulb

A Good idea - The 1890s Edison Style Bulb crafted to be shown and not hidden. No shade necessary.

Time For Wine

Get uncorked in under a minute. This is the tried-n-true classic cork screw, before the term mixology was used. By Oneida.

South of France

Somethings never go out of style, like relaxation. So, recline like they do in France, on colorful cotton ticking and sturdy beechwood.