George Hirsch Good Stuff

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Please Deposit 25¢

Have an authentic pay-phone, at home. Sorry, you won’t be collecting for long distance calls though, it’s been updated and wired for no-pay to talk. It’s very cool though.

Office Musician

These pencil/ drumsticks are ideal for creative office sessions; horsing around is encouraged. it usually yields the best ideas.


What can a broken windshield turn into? A beautiful vessel for a glass of wine. Up-cycled craftsmanship.

Morning Mate

Chemex has 40 years of natural brewing success in the making of great coffee, unplugged. Pair with good filtered water and good freshly ground beans.

Enchanted Fun

This Enchanted Birthday Book is a conversation piece. Leave it on your kitchen counter at your next a dinner party and see how many people want to see what their birthday says about them. You will hear a lot of—“That’s so true.” Authors; Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

Top Dog

I’m a hot dog snob. Search no more. There is nothing like biting into a hot-off the-grill dog that snaps back at you; with no after taste. NY’s Citarella.


Have a s’mores experience without the camp fire in the form of decadent all natural gelato. BTW- No corn syrup.

Summer Entertainment

Watch the funny mishaps of a simple concept like a vacation to the beach with Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. This is laughter for the whole family.

Southampton Pils

Our friends at Publick House keep on tapping outstanding flavor. The Keller Pils is Southampton’s classic summer German unfiltered smooth Pilsner. Cheers!

Made in France

Made in Dijon, France. This mustard is made under the strict 300 year old guidelines for being labeled authentically Dijon. Great flavor avec tres bon value.

Manual Crush

This is the 1950's Farrington revived. One of the most important home-makers’s tasks in those days was a filled-n-chilled ice cube tray. Nostalgia.