George Hirsch Good Stuff

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Rise ‘n Roll

Top your toast, muffin or steamy waffle with a bit of buttery sweetness. Made in small batches, this artisanal topping is made from the finest fresh local Indiana ingredients; made in the same Amish traditions as in days of yore.

Deep Dish

Real earthenware. Function meets great presentation with French tradition. Oven-to-table; dish up tasty casseroles and potpies.

Golden Pie Crust

Conduct even heat. Bake a flaky crust, like a commercial chef with these perforated heavy-weight aluminized steel pie pans. Pan experts, since 1896 from Chicago Metallic.

Fan Seat

There’s no guessing which team you are rooting for with this portable fan seat. Show your team colors at the tailgate party or picnic.

Now That’s Cocoa

The best end result must start with the best ingredients. The best cocoa yields the best hot chocolate or chocolate souffle.

Original Muffin

Made in Chicago Since 1933. Bays Original English Muffin recipe is based on the Bay Family’s muffin recipe from the 1800s in England and hasn’t changed one bit.

The Organic Miller 

Heirloom crop yields a very creamy sweet bowl of grits and star quality loaf of bread. Columbia, South Carolina.

Get Frothy

This hand-carved Molinillo, hecho en Mexico - makes the frothy finishing touch on your chocolaty beverage by twisting the Molinillo between your palms. Neat gadget.

Doodler’s Delight

The Tratto pen is Italy’s answer to the simple everyday pen with a superior felt tip. It comes in a rainbow of colors and available with a clip for easy fastening to your pocket protector.

Solar Powered 

Take advantage of the great outdoors and full charge up-to 3 mobile devices with solar power rather than electricity.

The Balm

Originally only intended for the cow’s chaffed utters; quickly became relief for the farmer’s hands too. The reputation for healing properties for people caught-on in the last 100 years. It is great for chapped hardworking hands from gardening and all outdoor chores.