George Hirsch Good Stuff

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The Short on The Long Bun

Martin’s bun is the essential ingredient to making a superior summer lobster roll.

Ice Beyond The Cube

For summer parties these silicone shaped ice cube forms put the fun in a chilly beverage

The Pie Machine

Everyone gets their own pie. Hmm - you may make fruit pies in single to-go portions for beach + picnics. By Breville.

Duct Tape

Just because you might need things to stick together. Magic household item; perfect for that leaky something.


Shrub means drink in Arabic. Lemon, Lime, Raspberry and Strawberry are just four of Tait Farms’ colonial all-natural fruit drink concentrates for mixing  refreshing original sweet and tart beverages. Made in PA.

Old Fashioned Ice Pop

The design hasn’t changed much and the enjoyment is just about the same for people of all ages. Fill with fresh homemade lemonade, freeze overnight + enjoy.

Grill To Table

Fashion meets function with the grillable serving tray. Made by Wilton-Armetale.

Graniteware Lobster Pot

The 2 tiered steamer for your lobster boil. Made in the USA since the 1800s.

Safety First

Every car and household should have a first aid kit. This one just happens to be in snazzy packaging, not the old rusty metal box.

Cheese Please

Go beyond cheddar. Beehive Full Moon Cheese makes creamy, mellow + hand-crafted cheese in Utah.

Flying Lobsters

Shipped via airmail. From Jordan Lobster; serving NY’s finest chefs with fresh Maine lobsters. Family, been in the biz for more than 50 years.


Hmm... there’s a new chip in town with half the fat. Worth the crunch.