George Hirsch Good Stuff

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Make ravioli exactly like they do in Italy. The design hasn’t changed in more than 100 years. Why? It’s already simply the best.

Handcrafted with Passion 

Extraordinary Gouda beginning with Netherland’s superior cheese making tradition. Made in Wisconsin, USA.

Honest Pumpkin

Organic Pumpkin will add to the pride of your coveted family recipes. Worthy of the label Farmer’s Market.

Keep On Roasting

No more funny business in the kitchen. It’s all serious roasting with this 16” nonstick roasting pan w/ rack. It politely accommodates a 20-plus pound bird.

One Shoe In

The outdoor duck boot became a classic for a good reason, it keeps your feet dry. Good reason.

Hot Seat

Rest your casserole at a safe distance from your tabletop, and elegantly. Made by Le Creuset.

Say Cheese

A knife assigned to one job, slice cheese well. The holes in the knife blade prevents sticking.

Well Dressed 

We all love to eat cranberry sauce with our turkey. Pretty close to homemade in a jar—not too tart, not to sweet.

The Steel

Stop denying your knife is dull. Carve like you have serious eating to do with one of the worlds best cutlery expert’s help. Made in Germany, by Wustoff.

Canapé + Coctail

Coctail napkins with family monogram or your personalized messages.Nice touch!

Lighter Leaf Fighter 

Conserve your arm strength for rolling pie dough. This rake almost makes raking leaves feel like fun, with its feather light weight.

Leatherman Kick

The MacGyver of tools.Never say I’m not handy. This tool leaves you searching for things to fix.