Celebrity Chef George Hirsch is at the heart of quality cooking & lifestyle in-and-out of his Hampton's home kitchen—sharing his deep culinary knowledge and well-honed techniques for the at-home cook and better living lifestyle enthusiast. 


In every episode George invites you into his home-studio kitchens where he cooks, bakes and even grills his mouthwatering favorite recipes, such as; apple strawberry rhubarb pie, oven-fried garlic chicken and pork tenderloin sliders. George also will take you to visit his favorite local places and sources for fresh ingredients—taking viewers behind the scenes to drop-in on sustainable artisan producers in the heart of the Hamptons.

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About Hirsch Media Productions

For twenty-five years George Hirsch's television series have entertained and informed his worldwide audiences. George's programming changed the outdoor living and lifestyle industry with the popularity of his outdoor cooking shows airing on Public Television. George Hirsch paved the way as the first TV host and TV producer to take cooking outside the indoor studio. His quality television programming has been copied many times, but never duplicated. 

Hirsch Media is the rights holder to hundreds of hours of lifestyle programming for domestic and international distribution. Hirsch Media Television Programming airs domestically on PBS, Public TV and Create TV staions, and syndicated television, as well as inflight platforms. 


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