Back Pocket Dish

I'm often asked - What's your favorite food to cook? Honestly, I enjoy all forms of cooking + baking - especially for my family, friends + my TV viewers. But, if pressed for a specific category or recipe - which is a bit difficult, sort of like asking a parent who your favorite child is... I might lean towards dishes that I make often and consider these my back pocket dishes. Having a few of these tried-n-true recipes in your repertoire is a must. These are those recipes that you can make in a moments notice, do well + have fun with. It being a crowd pleaser is always a plus for your guests. My back pocket recipe's ingredients are practically universal, flavors easily available, and doable for the at-home chef. 

A good back pocket recipe can come from a recipe handed down within the family, a friend or maybe from your favorite TV chef. Well, wherever it comes from I encourage you to share + spread your good food.

Here's one of my favorite Back Pocket Dishes.