Better, One Quart at a Time

There's something good to be said for putting on your robe (a long one please) and stepping outside your front door in the morning to fetch a fresh glass bottle of milk. And the convenience of fresh yogurt, sour cream, and farm eggs, would be extra good. I admit, the convenience would be very, very nice, but I am more excited about the quality of the product that would be delivered. Here, fresh means better.

I live out in farm country and yet the dairy farmers of yore are-no-more. There is definitely a want for these types of quality products. A good indication is the surging sustainable movement and more farm cooperatives gaining notoriety. Locally, boutique farm products are becoming more widely available. But, I am still hoping for the milkman to come back to town.

I stumbled upon Hornstra's Dairy Farm, a family owned operation suppling Grade A quality milk, and dairy products to South Shore Massachusetts, and They DELIVER! The operation is done old-school; with Vat Pasteurization and glass bottles; ensuring every product is the freshest and purest available.

Doing things the old-fashioned way means that their herd is not injected with synthetic hormones. 100% of Hornstra Farms' milk comes from their own cows, and is free of synthetic growth hormones. Just call them happy and healthy cows. Vat pasteurization method means they heat their milk to 145° F for 30 minutes. This gives the milk the smooth sweet taste of yesteryear. 

FYI, pasteurization involves heating milk to kill bacteria. Nearly all milk sold in industrialized countries is pasteurized. Most milk is pasteurized using the Flash Pasteurization Method, which is accomplished by heating the milk to 161° F for 15 seconds and then quickly cooling it.

Now wouldn’t a glass of Hornstra's Farm milk delivered go well with a Banana Muffin? Wherever you live, I hope you have a Hornstra's close by. I'm thinking of buying a house in MA., just for the milk, delivered in a glass bottle.