Bit of Barry's

One of the best things I brought back from my TV series taping in Ireland was a good box of Barry's Irish Tea. Barry's has been making tea since 1901. When I asked the Irish for their favorite, the consensus was Barry's brand every single time. Every pot of tea I've ever had in Ireland has been great, so I think they're on to something.

You may also find Barry's state-side too, but I encourage you to travel to the Emerald Isle to get yourself some directly - brown bread optional. Lately it's been the cold version of Barry's that I've been enjoying - as an enjoyable refreshing pitcher of iced tea. I find that my iced tea is more thirst quenching sans the sugar and simply topped with lemon and some fresh mint. More flavorful tip: twist the mint leaves and stem in your hands to loosen the oils from the mint leaves before adding to tea. Share and enjoy. 

Homemade Iced Tea

Makes about 2 quarts

5-6 tea bags of Barry’s Organic Blend Tea
5 cups of hot water
4 cups of ice
12 fresh lemon wedges, about 1 lemon
12 sprigs of fresh mint or 12 lemon verbena leaves
Sugar, if desired

Brew the teabags in 5 cups of hot water for 3 minutes. Sugar may be added at this stage. Cool completly (can be made the day before) before placing in the refridgerator. Take the Iced Tea out of refrigerator. Cut lemon into wedges.  Squeeze 6 lemon wedges into tea, and add 6 mint sprigs. Add 3 cups of ice and refrigerate if not serving immediately. Fill glasses with remaining ice, lemon wedges and top with mint. Enjoy!