Black Garlic

That's right, black garlic - not to be confused with my signature honey-colored caramelized garlic. But I predict it won't be long before this too becomes a common ingredient in every gourmand's kitchen. Garlic has been commonly used for centuries in the Far East in foods and also for its health benefits and medicinal properties. As for black garlic in its concentrated state; does this mean a higher concentration of antioxidants and benefits? Maybe so, the verdict is still out. But in terms of culinary seasoning, think concentrated or "reduction" version of caramelized garlic. The result is a complexity of mellow molasses meets rich sweetness, like a balsamic reduction. 

Tip: Black garlic is an excellent seasoning to add to porcini mushroom risotto.

Unfortunately this is something we can not replicate at home. It's a 30 day fermentation process requiring a specially made oven. Available from BlackGarlic