Coffee, Beyond The Brew

I'm guessing, the first words of the day globally are- make coffee. Yet, to have a really good cup of coffee, is another thing. I’ve shared with you my favorite place in Italy for great espresso, and am still on my global quest for the best cup of regular coffee. Right now, brewed coffee in my kitchen is in first place. I’ve told you about my favorite coffee accoutrements, and now here's a handy checklist of tips to keep that first cup of the day - your best!

Suggestions for good tasting coffee
- Use good quality coffee, freshly roasted and freshly ground.
- Grind your own beans for the best tasting coffee, and only grind as much coffee as you will immediately use.
- Use the proper grind. If the brewing process is quick, the grind should be fine; if the process takes more time, the grind should be made more coarse.
- Use fresh, clean, cold water. Filtered or bottled water works well.
- Make only enough coffee for your immediate consumption.
- Coffee tastes best when it is fresh, best within 10 minutes. The longer it sits, the more bitter it gets. 

How-to clean your coffee maker once a month
- Remove filter from coffee maker.
- Fill carafe with cold water and add two tablespoons of white vinegar.
- Pour water and vinegar into the coffee maker and turn on the coffee maker.
- Let it brew halfway through the brewing cycle, stop machine for 10 minutes.
- Resume the brewing process and let the brewing cycle complete.
- Rinse carafe and brew two pots of plain water.
- Rinse carafe. It is now ready to brew with coffee.