This light, crispy savory sour-dough thin rice and lentil based crêpe, filled with unlimited types of fillings is a staple food and native to India. My favorite - 'masala deluxe' (spiced indian potatoes, spinach, roasted tomatoes & jack cheese) with grilled chicken! Most think of dosas as being a vegetarian or healthy food. They can be. There are many different ways to make the batter, especially gluten free. There are also now instant batters available in specialty markets to make dosas quick and easy to prepare. Dosas are usually served with a variety of chutneys; like peanut, curry, tomato and mango. I recently enjoyed dosas with a few friends at the Hampton Chutney Co. in Amagansett, NY. Yes, they are as good as they look!

My Tomato Chutney Recipe