Down in the Galley

Everyone has an idea of what is the perfect vacation. But just getting to your vacation destination involves a lot of steps. The packing, planning, driving, flying, driving and unpacking, can be an exhausting ordeal and we have only arrived at one destination. To get to our next destination we must repeat the same steps all over again.

Corp. Exec Chef Alfredo Marzi and George Hirsch

Solution. Cruising offers so many options for rest, relaxation and pampering. And let’s not forget an endless amount of dining options, all within walking distance. From room service, buffets, formal nights and wine tasting programs; there are more possible dining options than you will ever fit into any vacation. It’s OK having all those dining options because the gym is only a short walk to burn off the filet mignon and chocolate soufflé you ate right after the cheeseburger and fries.

So just how does all that food actually get on your plate? Come with me on a behind the scenes tour of the Princess's Cruises ship's galley with Corp. Exec Chef Alfredo Marzi and see just how. I was amazed and I know you will be too.

TV Segment: © Hirsch Productions, George Hirsch Living It UP! TV series

George Hirsch Lifestyle TV Segment: Princess Cruises