Egg Up!

National Egg Day is June 3rd; though there is conflicting information as to when it originated and by whom. The egg has been an object of celebration for millenniums in every culture and with so much symbolism surrounding it. But, you don't have to jump on the bandwagon because of National Egg Day; how about just because they are so versatile. Whether you enjoy eggs in quiche, eggs with ham & sunny side up, poached into eggs benedict, or hard boiled and deviled - give eggs a break! That's no yoke!

These poached eggs I enjoyed at the Park Hotel Kenmare. Thank you Chef Mark Johnston.

Tips for cooking successful poached eggs:

Use the freshest eggs for poaching.

Add a few drops of white vinegar to the water before poaching.

Spin gently simmering water with a spoon- like a whirlpool, gently add cracked eggs one at a time. Note, water temperature will lower to proper poaching temperature once eggs are added.

Use a slotted spoon to gather poached eggs in water.

image: Hirsch Media