Frank on the Swiss

So- where are the next great hoteliers and chefs going to come from? Top Chef, I think not. Let's take a look at The Swiss Hotel Management School, at Caux Palace in Caux/Montreux Switzerland. This is the source.

SHMS is located at the foot of the Alps with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva; rich with historic provenance and the hills are alive spirit. I had the opportunity some years back to consult on an academic accreditation as a culinary professor/expert for this hospitality college. 

What did I discover? Let's just say the Swiss invented hospitality and the Caux Palace is where it was born. The culture values service and cleanliness. I was delighted with their - make everything right for the guest viewpoint. I left that experience with the lasting impression of SHMS; setting high standards and striving for perfection is paramount. Eye opening experience for students looking to excell.

As for Swiss culinary finds, it went way past the immediate idea of Nestle and fondue. Yes, the cheese was heavenly, as this Swiss region borders on France. Ok, the wine, good too.

Here's an old Swiss saying: "Old bread isn't hard; what is hard is no bread."

Caux Palace in Caux/Montreux SwitzerlandOnion and Cheese Pie