Go Fish

artist CaroL Boye and George Hirsch—GO FISH Cookbook Benefit Event

What better name for a cookbook benefiting the conservation of local waters and sealife of the East End of Long Island but—GO FISH. The spotlight was put on this issue's crucial awareness thanks to the inspiration and follow through by benefit founder and new friend, artist Carol Boye. She rallyed the support of our local artists, friends and local restauranteurs in our surrounding waterfront communities; among them dear friend Don Sullivan at Publick House in Southampton. This past weekend I was honored to attend the GO FISH event and share in this good happening. BTW- my Peconic Scallops and Pasta with Garlic Sauce—is included in the GO FISH Benefit Cookbook. If you want the recipe, it would be greatly appreciated if you would purchase the cookbook; it's filled with many local East End based seafood recipes. For more info about Go Fish.