Gumbo vs. Pork

This weekend’s Super Bowl brings on yet another reason to party or entertain. Although, there may not be as much hype this year on GameDay, I feel a certain personal attachment to both cities. I have good friends in both team cities representing New Orleans and Indianapolis.

New Orleans' great city screams rich food culture with its strong Cajun, French and Spanish roots. But, on the surface you may scratch your head thinking - does Indianapolis bring to mind any signature dishes as sexy as gumbo and jambalaya? Well yes. For Indiana, think German influence in the heartland and with substantial hearty foods beyond Orville Redenbacher. (Yes, Orville started his company in Indiana, the state of corn.) Vision foods more like bratwurst, bockwurst, German wieners with sauerkraut, red cabbage and choice spicy German mustards. Maybe even the prized Indiana pork with Kassler Rippchen, a smoked pork loin dish. 

You can mix a menu with dishes from the “Crescent City” and from the “Hoosier State”. Flip a coin and pick my gumbo recipe, or BBQ pork sandwich, or both. Either way, they’re both delicious winners!