It's All Greek For Me

Gyro- pronounced jear-ro, or yeer-o, or he-ro. If you pronouce it incorrectly, all is forgiven when said with a smile.

There is something to be said for the art of walking while eating. Or is it eating while walking? Now there are many other forms to this art which aren’t so safe, for example driving while eating. Although I have witnessed first hand - women who can eat, put on make up and text at the same time. Ok, we’ll pray for them, but lets get back to talking gryo.


In the US, gyro meat can consist of a few kinds of mystery meats that are pressed and formed. But, when in Rhodes, Greece I had the most delightful sliced, crispy and juicy shavings of meat in my gyro. I had the perfect opportunity to test my walk and chew without loosing a single drop of tzatziki on my white shirt!

My Greek gyro, was made with a warm pita, roasted and sliced mixed beef & pork, tomato, onion and topped with tzatzikisauce and fried potatoes. Other toppings may be added such as chick peas, olives, etc. depending on where the gyro is made.


This was a good snack to tie me over. My fresh Calamari and Mythos Beer awaited me at Cafe George, just down the street.


images, George Hirsch

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