La Fête Nationale

This week marks another independence, for our friends in France. It is just one more reason for us to pop open a good chilled rosé with friends and say Santé.
Bastille Day History Cliff Notes.
 The storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 has been commemorated in France for more than a century. Paris was in a state of high agitation in the early months of the French revolution. In Spring 1789, the Estates-General refused to dissolve, transforming itself instead into a constituent National Assembly. In July, King Louis XVI called in fresh troops and dismissed his popular Minister, Necker. On the morning of July 14 the people of Paris seized weapons from the armory at the Invalides and then marched in the direction of an ancient Royal fortress, the Bastille.

Let's honor the French in celebrating and enjoy time with family and friends with a picnic. As an honorary member of the Vatel Club I’ve attended wonderful picnics with hundreds of French chefs. These were exquisite menus beyond the typical picnic fare; including pate, cheeses, crusty bread, lobster, duck, petit fours and plenty of French wine.

Here are some simple ideas for your Bastille Day menu celebration; crusty baguette with smoked ham and brie, a thermos of chilled potato chive soup, French Champagne or Cote du Rhone, rose and finish with sweet crepes and éclairs.