Mercato Al Minuto

One of my favorite activities when traveling is to visit the local markets. There you get a real sense of the surounding culture and get to be part of the local daily lifestyle. When in Cologne Germany, the wursts come to mind. In Paris, the pastries and cheeses. But of all the markets I enjoy most, the Mercato al Minuto in Venice is truly spectacular.

Here are a few of my pics from the local market in Venice, Italy. You must rise early to see the action. The fish market or the pescheria is the best display of fresh seafood, under one roof. The fruit & vegetable market is just across the way; with their bounty of fruits and veggies lined up like sardines. The Italians have their goods and product displays down to an art form; which makes perfect sense in the land of Michelangelo. A fun part of the whole experience is the constant loud vocals from the merchants adding a bit of excitement to the market experience. And, I restrain myself from replying. It's a feast for all the senses.

This photo trip is perfect inspiration for my Fritto Misto Recipe. Ciao!

all images: Hirsch Media