Montauk, Never Tired

Each time I visit Montauk, my neighborhood to the east it feels as though I've jetted miles away. Here's the reward of a recent fishing trip that brought in one of my favorite tasting fish, black sea bass. Having filmed fishing segments for George Hirsch Lifestyle in Montauk and other regions, I've found the secret to catching loads of fish, don't film..the fish are shy! 

Montauk Montauk LighthouseGeorge's Grilled Black Sea Bass

Over the years I've written and featured many types of seafood in my cookbooks and on my shows. The number one tip for great tasting fish, Know Your Fisherman. Maybe not personnaly, but know where your seafood is being sourced from. And, please be responsible and make sure you are cooking sustainable seafood. Use this guide to find ocean-friendly alternatives to seafood on the Seafood Watch  “Avoid” list.