Mr. Softee

OK. I admit it, I am a softie - didn't you know all chefs are sensitive? But I am referring to one of America's number one indicator of the summer season, the jolly jingle of the Mister Softee truck. Yes, I have featured the best gelato in the world, but the dipped cones and tall shakes from the Mister Softee truck hold a special place in most people's hearts, a bit of nostalgia. 

Here's the scoop on Mister Softee:

Back in 1956 soft ice cream was a big hit with the public, being sold exclusively in roadside stands and restaurants until Mister Softee took to the road with the first mobile truck unit. Mister Softee is America's oldest and largest franchisee of soft ice cream trucks. You'll find hundreds of Mister Softee soft ice cream trucks from coast to coast. Mister Softee was founded by two brothers, William and James Conway, in 1956. On St. Patricks day of that year - (Yet another connection to Ireland; It's following me everywhere.) Bill and Jim took their first truck and gave out green colored ice cream in the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. 

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