The New TCBY? Maybe, but so much better for you. Be on the lookout for Pinkberry. Their focus is on high quality yogurt and super-flexible service options. The yogurt is made from real non-fat milk. The company, originated in California and is fast growing to be a global sweet sensation. The concept is sweet and simple; pairing an exceptional secret yogurt recipe with a pleasing aesthetic atmosphere. The list of positives are quite long, reminding me of the Seinfeld episode, is this fat free? Too good to be true! But, Pinkberry stands by their Swirly Goodness as being non-fat goodness.

What is the Pinkberry Fruit Parfait?
Our six layer parfait is made-to-order with three heaping scoops of our delicious daily cut in-store fresh fruit, Pinkberry Original and our new all-natural honey almond granola. Each parfait is made-to-order, customization of fruit and yogurt combinations is easy, and we encourage customers to get creative with their favorite fruit-and-Pinkberry pairings!