Here's to the first day of summer. I am paying tribute to favorites today. It's a double tribute; first to one of my favorite friends, Sharon who - come this time of year, has opened up her beach house for the season. I love it, she calls me with at-the-beach reports, which are great, even on those days when I can't get to the ocean. And second, to the best sorbet on the market - also named Sharon.

I created this recipe as an answer to beat the summer heat. Enjoy my refreshing coctail with someone you care about and cheers to celebrating the first day of summer 2010.

Summer Mimosa ala Sharon

makes 2 drinks | recipe by George Hirsch

1 cup lemon soda or 1 cup of Prosecco

1/2 cup orange juice

2 scoops sorbet (lemon, strawberry or mixed berry)

4 Tablespoons cranberry juice

2 sprigs fresh mint

In two champagne or margarita glasses, divide the fruit juice and lemon soda (or Prosecco). Place one scoop of sorbet in each glass. Top with cranberry juice and mint. Serve immediately.