Still Upper Crust

Mac-n-cheese was considered to be upper crust until the end of the nineteenth century. Believe it or not, Thomas Jefferson served mac-n-cheese at a White House dinner in 1802. I am sure his was made from scratch, and not the out-of-the-box version.

I encourage you to make your own. It is very simple and easy to do and can be made ahead. It's one of those dishes that pleases children of all ages. And is a fine dish to put on the menu for numerous occasions; from backyard-BBQ to state dinners at the White House. Just today I encouraged a family member to serve it at their formal wedding, during the reception. It happens to be the bride and grooms favorite one pot dish. Just use fresh ingredients, like good cheese and you can't go wrong. Why not? It was good enough for President Jefferson!

Put your own spin on this one pot dish by adding a variety of ingredients such as:

Vegetables: peas, broccoli, or muchrooms

Meats: prosciutto, smoked baked ham, or pulled pork

Seafood: crab, lobster, or shrimp

For my Mac-N-Cheese Recipe. BTW - this is the one I made on Live with Regis and Kelly