Sweet Spicy Holiday Snack

Need a great snack in about 1 hour? If you are concerned about added holiday fat consumption and don’t want the usual snack mix with butter this is it long time viewer favorite + favorite party snack - my seasoned spiced nuts. Roasted in the oven with egg whites you can omit the butter flavor.

I’ve listed add-on options to mix with the nuts, if you want to put your own holiday snack spin on my classic version. 

Spiced Nuts Recipe | From George Hirsch Living it UP! cookbook and TV series

Sweet Spicy Holiday Snack

Add any of the following to the Spiced Nuts Recipe to make your own Sweet Spicy Holiday Snack: 

1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup white raisins
1 cup Indian nuts, aka pinion, or pine nuts
2 cups mini pretzel sticks
1 cup wasabi nuts
1 cup green & red M & M’s
1 cup chocolate or white chocolate