Patio Fiesta

This week Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated worldwide honoring Mexican heritage; marking the defeat of the French Army after invading the Americas. But believe it or not, this commemorative holiday is celebrated by more people in California than Mexico. And, many festive ways are used to mark the occasion beyond cervesa and tequila. Dances and music mark the occasion to preserve & educate the public of its historical significance and culture.

Make any day a fiesta on your patio with a few easy steps and don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors. There is more to having fun than hanging a piñata!

-       Use terra cotta planters filled with pants such as begonias, dahlias, begonias, nasturtiums, and sunflowers

-       Cushions, throws, tablecloths, and napkins of hot yellow, turquoise green, and burnt orange

-       Set flower pots on tables with traditional herbs used in Mexican cooking like Cilantro, oregano, and peppermint

-       Serve foods and beverages on plates and glassware with bold bright colors

-       Hang out door lighting for mood

-       Turn up the volume and spin Maraichi and Latin music

-       Set up a hot sauce and salsa station

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