All Natural Shave

Shaving ice traces back to Japan ~circa 900. Shave ice, not shaved, is one refreshing treat that is sipped and chewed in just every warm weather culture around the globe. Even Mr. President enjoys a joyful moment of Hawaiian shave ice when on vacation with his family in Hawaii.

Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. Not to be confused with a snow cone which is made with crushed, rather than shaved ice. Shaving produces a very fine ice, resulting in a fine texture that is ideal for syrups added to it to be absorbed by the ice rather than sinking to the bottom of the cup. 

Shave ice is often flavored with tropical flavors such as - passion fruit, mango, and guava. Hawaiian shave ice is traditionally served with three "rainbow" flavors with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Azuki beans (sweet red beans) on the bottom. This style of shave ice is the signature dessert on the north side of Oahu.

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