Pierre Ferrand: Plantation Rum

It' a perfect marriage between well-aged Cognac Ferrand oak casks, artisanal rum and France. And it makes perfect sense. Ferrand has supplied Caribbean rum producers with their coveted cognac casks for years. So why not combine the art, resources and passion to create a collection of the best rum and present it to market. Keep in mind this is the same house whose Collection Privee 1914 demands $1500. The Plantation Rum Collection consists of a range of ten of the finest English style, Spanish-style and Rhum agricole rums, from $40. Did I mention double aged? After the rum has aged in the ideal climactic setting of the caribbean the rum casks are shipped to France to age some more, 18th century style at Cognac Ferrand's Chateau de Bonbonet for an exceptional finish. Santé.