Universal Symbol Of Life

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The egg itself, like a seed, is a symbol of the potential of life. Back in ancient times the egg was a symbol of the universe, of creation, and in some cultures, luck wealth, and health. 

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!


What's equally as good with high tea, sparking wine, or frosty beer at a tailgate? I have an egg of an idea - the deviled egg. It's one of those hors d'oeuvre platters that spans the occasion ladder from high brow to low brow; which always empties fast, because it is so difficult to have just one. The name deviled implies hot, but need not be. It is simply hard boiled eggs chilled and halved with the yolk whipped into a flavorful filling of a wide variety of flavors such as; mayonaise, sour cream, yogurt, Dijon mustard, etc. You can even spice it up with a touch of cayenne, hot sauce or wasabi. Use a touch of fresh herbs like dill, cilantro or chives, it's a nice touch. Make special occasion up-end garnishes such as chopped proscuitto, crisp chopped pancetta or with a sliver of smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar.

Great way to start off the New Year!

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Sunday Supper II + Our Christmas Gathering

Sip warm herbal tea from the wassail bowl while enjoying crisp flatbreads at the wood burning oven before sitting down to a family style dinner prepared by a creative Team of chefs. Conversation and conviviality is the way of bringing back the tradition of Sunday's past, when family and friends gathered around the table.

Join us for Sunday Supper + Our Christmas Gathering, Sun Dec 4th. 

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the Sunday Supper menu begins fresh from the farm field. here @ Seps Family Farm

the Sunday Supper menu begins fresh from the farm field. here @ Seps Family Farm

Carry the Good Word!

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Holiday on the Cutting Edge

Need a gift inspiration this holiday?

I’ve used Mercer’s knives for almost thirty years; they were the knives I choose for my culinary students back then because they deserved the best. This is quality that lasts a lifetime and I am proud to have Mercer Cutlery partner with me for my cooking and lifestyle series on public television. You may even say I am living on the cutting edge!  

Once you have a good knife, sharpen your knife skills by chopping veggies for my warm and comforting Tuscan Artichoke Soup.  

To learn more about Mercer Cutlery.