Ecosystem Engineers aka Oyster

Time to vote for Edible East End Fall cover:

Why I voted Oysters #4 as Fall Cover? 

Time to Vote for Edible East End Fall Cover

Why Vote?

Historically in the 19th century oysters aka “ecosystem engineers” were abundant and the food of working class people, with NY Harbor the worlds supplier of millions of bivalves in the harbor on any given day. Then they disappered; oysters in LI waters took a dive in 1992 due to MSX. Ecologically, they keep our shores clean by filtering phytoplankton. And the socioeconomic significance, a mainstay to the positive impact of the L.I. fishing industry—bagging upwards of 118K bushels until ’92. As passionate as fans are of their hometown NFL team, for culinary fans, oysters are an endless slurp of pleasure as they cheer on their local briney delicacy. Plus, where would chefs be without oysters on the menu? I cannot imagine what Antoine's of New Orleans the creator of Oysters Rockefeller would have done without serving four million oysters since they began serving this dish in 1899 as a substitute for the lack of snails..I guess snails is another cover? 

Even if you pass when the oysters are served you can see the importance they play in our daily life. I am delighted Edbible East End has considered a homage to the importance of this mollusk!

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